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When you start evaluating workforce management systems to incorporate into your business, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions.

#1. What exactly is your HR technology strategy?

#2. What system functionality does your organization need and want?

#3. What workflow processes are you trying to automate and gain efficiency in?

#4. How does your potential technology provider handle organizational change, data integration and deployment?

#5. On-premise hardware and software or software-as-a-service subscription model?

#6. What HR metrics help drive business decisions and how are those captured in your organization?

#7. What is your internal technology environment capable of and wh do you want it to support?

#8. What is your budget and what return are you looking for?

All systems are
not created equal

HR can’t increase leads, develop products, service customers, sell products, or bring money in the door. Neither can your workforce management system. What it can do, though, is optimize your workforce by providing key components for your HR and executive teams. We call this the Workforce Management System Checklist.

compass workforce management system was built with each component of this checklist in mind.
Industry leading securityData security is paramount to organizations regardless of size or industry. Be confident your data is secure and protected with the highest standard in industry technology and protocols.
End-user functionality friendlyEnd-user functionality is key for both administrators and employees – if it’s difficult to use then what’s the point?
Flexible and readily customizableOne size doesn’t always fit all, so the system that you choose should be built so that it can be customized for you if the standard deliverable isn’t the right fit.
ScalableIf you grow, so should your system and its capabilities, but if you have to shrink, you shouldn’t be stuck with too much technology.
Software-as-a-ServiceYou know your business. We know ours. Let us manage the software, troubleshoot it, update it, perform the research and development to improve it, and store it in the cloud so that you can access it anywhere.
Real, tested, and functional end-to-end process automationIf the workforce management system doesn’t have true, functional workflows, then there's no point in making it a part of your business. That will just add time to your day and create redundancies.
Built-in compliance functionalityYou’re investing in a workforce management system to help you maintain compliance so that your teams can focus on mission critical items, rather than spending time adding employer benefits contributions to W-2’s to comply with the PPACA. Our system takes care of that for you.
Multi-level reporting and KPI dashboardsData needs to be turned into information, and information needs to be turned into knowledge. Knowledge and workforce transparency is how you make better informed leadership and directional decisions. Limited reporting = limited knowledge = misinformed executive decisions.
Extensive data management and storage functionalityGreat systems have the capability to provide document management within one central database. You shouldn’t have to store your employee information in multiple platforms.
Developed to be an employee self-service mechanismThe employee experience should be empowering. An effective system gives employees the ability to manage their benefits, time and attendance, and pay data themselves. If you can look up your bank account on your smartphone, you should be able to look up your benefits information too.

Part of your team

Compass Workforce Management System was built to make transactions and data capture simple. HR teams and executives are provided with accurate, real-time knowledge of their business. This type of knowledge allows them to make the right decisions to optimize their workforce.

Our system was built to help give leadership the technological leverage to climb the pyramid of abstraction.

Deployment that works

Our well-defined project management process clearly identifies key tasks, minimizes the amount of hours your team needs to dedicate to deployment and keeps everything on schedule.

Our deployment and client services teams will provide the support needed to guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience.

Design Build Deploy

Living with the same principles

We consider ourselves good business partners because the principles we build our products with are synergistic with how our clients operate.

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